Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Job in the New York Times!

I work in a field called Transfer Pricing...which few people are familiar with.  Transfer Pricing can be a powerful business planning tool, but most of the time, it is just another part of tax law that corporations must comply with.  Yesterday, Obama announced a plan to close certain tax loopholes.  One of the "holes" people thought may be closed was transfer pricing.  However, transfer pricing was for the most part left alone.  

The following NYT article demonstrates a seriously lacking knowledge of transfer pricing.  For instance, it alleges that "corporations routinely abuse the tactic to minimize their taxes by undercharging or overpaying their foreign subisidaries for goods and services."  The problem with this statement is that undercharging or overpaying foreign subsidiaries for goods and services is illegal under IRS code.  So in reality, the money that the Treasury is allegedly losing due to transfer pricing is merely due to a lack of enforcement.

Enjoy the article and enjoy knowing more about my career!

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