Monday, May 18, 2009

Battery by Burrito!

I am lucky enough to live near a corridor of Halsted Street in Chicago with 5 Mexican restaurants within 2 blocks, all on the same street.  Sometimes, I have trouble deciding where to eat, especially late night.  I was shocked, annoyed and humored beyond delight by this article that features one of my favorite stops (and of course, the cheapest), Taco and Burrito Express:
Two men were arrested for allegedly throwing burritos after becoming agitated that they didn’t receive money while playing a coin-operated game early Saturday at a Lincoln Park neighborhood restaurant.
This type of disrespect should not be condoned in always peaceful Lincoln Park.  If a Mexican culinary institution is willing to be dedicated enough to stay open 24 hours (I often see people eating at Taco and Burrito Express on my way to work in the morning), they deserve more than having their wonderful creations thrown back at them!  Unite burrito lovers and fight for justice!

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