Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ernest Provetti - worst father of the week

On Sunday night, Glen "Big Baby" Davis, the only current Celtics player ever to have appeared at an NQR Party at Tufts University (if you're not familiar, look it up), hit the game winning shot to keep the Celtics alive in their playoff series against the Magic.  Big Baby not only hit the game winning shot, but also proceeded to go absolutely nuts and run into a little kid...creating a fatty on fatty collision and some great entertainment.  First, here is the video of the shot and the collision:

Today the boy's father decided to grovel for some attention and contacted the NBA to complain about Davis' conduct.  The embarassing move is detailed on ESPN.com today in this article (which also includes another great video of the collision/celebration.)  

The only thing more entertaining than out of control professional atheletes is out of control fathers.

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