Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts in the past weeks...it's been a busy couple weeks at work and sometimes my Amalgamattion responsibilities fall by the wayside. But I am back, with something you are going to love.

I was working yesterday evening and happened to stumble upon a fantastic website. In my surfing of the interwebs I have enjoyed such classics as Daily Puppy, The I Can Has Cheezburger empire and of course, the high school favorite: Hot or Not (no I'm not linking to it, but you can guess the website.) However, I always felt like there was something lacking when I was looking at these sites. Luckily for me (and in all likelihood, you) someone has combined all of these concepts. I present to you:

Don't let the website name mislead you...no Michael Vicks were used in the production of this website and no animals were harmed (at least I hope not!) All the website contains is an army of puppies battling it out in mono e mono death-matches armed only with their cuteness. (Seriously, there is no death involved...just click the link already!)

For those of you who prefer the more docile, less rambunctious four-legged domesticated creatures, there is an option for you too.

I personally am allergic, but for those that aren't, all the more power to you!

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