Friday, July 31, 2009

Hey Milorad Cavic, no one likes you.

I have waited a long while to rant on Amalgamattion...but hey, when you have 20 regular readers, you can't be that afraid of losing a couple.

Which brings me to the point of this post...Milorad Cavic, no one likes you.

Not familiar with Cavic? He is probably the most famous Silver Medalist from the Olympic Games (after Shawn Johnson took the Gold on the beam, overcoming her loss in the all-around). Cavic was the swimmer you forgot about who was "out-touched" by Michael Phelps in the "100 meter butterfly half-stroke heard round the world." Cavic is still complaining to this day, even though all of the sensors used in the race as well as high resolution video confirmed that Phelps did in fact win.

The story that many missed out on was that before Cavic became the whiniest sore loser in Olympic history, he was offending people throughout the Balkans. Cavic, an American born, dual citizen of Serbia and the United States, after winning the 50m Butterfly at the European Championships proceeded to wear a shirt that read "Kosovo is Serbia" on the medal stand. His medal was immediately stripped, but later was given back. Cavic proceeded to return to California to train for his eventual loss to Phelps.

Well now Cavic is back on the scene saying outrageous things and making sure that no one likes him. Yesterday, at the World Championships in Rome, he took a shot at Phelps saying that he would buy Phelps a new swimsuit and making fun of Phelps loyalty to the Speedo company. I will let the article, and Cavic's comments speak for themselves.

My question to Cavic, is why he doesn't swim for the United States? If he is so confident in his ability to beat Phelps...why not swim for his native country? I think we can figure out why...

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  1. Cavic is swimming for his native country ...