Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Amazing Ping Pong Ball Video...and the explanation?

A couple days ago, I found this awesome video of kids throwing ping ping bolls into red solo cups of water. I initially thought this was an impressive display of skill (and an immense amount of practice) gained through extensive beer-pong playing in college. Many of us experienced how after a couple weekends of throwing balls at cups, they started to go in with more ease. Here is the video...I recommend watching the's pretty awesome.

Trick Shot Masters

As I said before, to my eyes, this video did not appear to be edited. Furthermore, I wanted to believe that it was real, because if so, it would be really cool.

My bubble was burst somewhat when I came upon the following video demonstrating how easy it is to manipulate video...after watching this, you be the judge...real or fake?

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  1. thanks for posting - i was really into that "ping pong ball skills" video on youtube but now that i know it might be fake i'm crushed. ignorance is bliss!