Monday, June 1, 2009

Time to get the brain's Monday!

My wonderful father recommended I check out VOX, which is a website that publishes "Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists"  Being an economics major, and working in a economics-focused field, of course I was interested.  But even for those that know nothing about economics, or those ever-present math-haters, economics has pushed its way to the forefront of our lives through the recent "financial crisis."  

I found an article, "Bonus Incensed" to be particularly interesting.  The current financial times are extremely hard to make sense of...even for intelligent, veteran economists (myself not included in this category).  Unfortunately, the only thing more difficult then making sense of the current times is finding intelligent commentary on the situation.  I have watched and read countless stories in the media that are mindless and seem to only drum up more panic.  It is refreshing to find a place that is actually thinking about a really difficult situation in an intelligent way.  I hope you enjoy.  

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