Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Boss

I would not call myself a Bruce Springsteen fan...or I should say, I would not have called myself a Springsteen, until last night. After coming on a half hour late, Bruce absolutely rocked our faces off. He played through the hits, added some new ones, and even threw in some awesome covers. I was impressed and I'm excited to listen to his stuff a little more.

Right now, were sitting in the front row of the main stage, waiting for Phish. Yes, they play at 8:30 tonight, so we have a while to wait. But at least we get to see Snoop Dogg somewhere in the middle of the wait. Here's a preview of our seats:

1 comment:

  1. Hey Matthew! I saw Bruce at Hancher of all places. I think it was 1977...the same year he was on the cover of both Newsweek and Time magazines! Some rockers will never Fade Away!
    Yo' stepmomma