Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Guest Blogger: Kelsey Parman

Due to a busy work week and an inspired friend, I have decided to hand-off the blog writing duties for today to my friend Kelsey. Everything not in italics represents her words and opinions. Hope you enjoy!

Since the recent surge in the popularity of Diva Cups, tampon makers have had to get creative with advertising uses for their product. Now with a little creativity and craft supplies, you too can own your very own tampon toupee! And this is only the beginning. Tampons just aren't for us ladies now, guys. I give you Tampon Crafts!!

Guest blogger Kelsey Parman is a senior from Beloit College studying Anthropology and Museum Studies.


  1. very nice blog, from guest blogger kelsey. (Kimber Kat says so!)

  2. i love kelsey parman!