Thursday, August 6, 2009


Something happened last night that shook up my life a little bit and I would be amiss not to give it some space in the blog.

The first blog I ever started following regularly was a blog by a man named Elden "Fatty" Nelson, an avid mountain biker from Utah. Fatty started his blog FatCyclist as a way of chronicling his weight loss and holding himself responsible. However, when his wife Susan fell ill with breast cancer, his blog became something much larger and more important. While FatCyclist remained entertaining and intriguing, a whole new layer was added. The amount of work Fatty has done for the battle against cancer is astounding to me. As of today, he has raised over $500,000 for cancer through his Livestrong Challenge teams. Think about that...$500,000. Wow. I would be amazed if I could raise $500 through my blog for anything.

Over the past couple months, all of Fatty's readers followed the heart-breaking story of Susan's worsening cancer. The inspiring thing for me was that Fatty and Susan both continued to fight and stay strong. Fatty continued to raise loads and loads of money while Susan fought a horrible disease. Sadly, at 7:25pm last night, Susan passed away. I know that many people, myself and Lance Armstrong included, were left speechless. It's a harsh reminder that cancer continues take lives everyday.

I encourage you to check out FatCyclist, be inspired, defeat cancer.

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